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        R & D

        Win more customers at home and abroad to cooperate with us

        HomeR & D

        Production research and development


        Quality supervision and management department

        The quality assurance department is the company's quality supervision and management department, whose main responsibilities are to maintain the company's quality management, handle customer complaints and verify corrective and preventive measures, inspect all products, and test the physical properties of rubber materials.


        Professional laboratory and inspector team

        We have various inspection equipment such as densitometer, analytical balance, sulfurizer, tensile tester, brittle temperature tester, heat aging box, shore hardness tester, etc. it can test the performance of the product according to the ASTM 2000 standard of the United States, so can meet the material property requirements of customers.


        Complete control process

        There is a complete set of control procedures, including inspection of raw materials, molds and samples, control and inspection of production process, and unpacking inspection of outgoing finished products, etc., And can provide all kinds of professional test reports and automotive industry required PPAP report.

        R & D Center